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Facial Harmonization

Particularly in the perioral region, face and neck, aging causes wrinkles, fine lines and sagging due to the wear out of the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid.

In some cases it can be sharper and earlier than normal.

For these cases, ORTOPÓVOA offers the use of low-invasive dermo-cosmetic techniques, easy to apply and almost risk-free.

Preenchimento com ácido hialurónico

Filling with Hyaluronic Acid

Procedure for replacing volume on a part of the face or for masking deep furrows, also called static wrinkles.

The goal is to redefine the face contours - chin, nose, cheeks as well as to soften deep wrinkles - such as the ridged lip, nasojugal grooves (or folds) and dark circles. It is also used to replenish lips.

Fios de bioestimulação e de sustentação

Bio stimulation and support wires

Technique for applying special polydioxanone threads, placed deep into the skin with the help of a thin needle to rejuvenate, contract and have a lifting effect.

Results are visible shortly after the application session and continue to improve over the next few days as a result of stimulating collagen and elastane production.

Dermopigmentação estética

Aesthetic Dermopigmentation

It consists of introducing pigment granules of different shades into the skin tissue, using superfine needles. It is an innocuous and practically painless technique.

It helps to mask scars, harmonize eyebrows, revive the colour of the lips or enhance the eyes with permanent makeup.